Van Driver (79.2)

Transport individuals to and from program in a safe and timely manner. Maintain upkeep of vehicles as assigned.
To be responsible for the safe and timely transport of participants to and from the program over an assigned route.
To supervise the participants assigned to the vehicle while being transported including the enforcement of all rules pertaining to safety and good conduct.
To be responsible for the proper operation of the cellular phone.
To be knowledgeable in all vehicle and participant emergency procedures and perform procedures as warranted.
To assist the Director of Adult Day Health Program and other staff members by carrying out various other driving assignments as directed.
To be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of the assigned vehicle.
To be responsible for fueling the vehicle and for getting the vehicle serviced regularly as directed by the Director.
To report any mechanical or operational problems to the Director immediately.
To report any issues to the Director of Adult Day Health and follow agency Incident Report Procedures.
To participate in all required meetings and trainings as may be required.
Ability to successfully complete CPR and First Aid certification.
To be familiar with the Agency's overall operation as established by written description of service and organizational information.
Must be a high school graduate 21 years of age or older with at least a three (3) year verifiably clean driving record. Valid driver's license required.
Company Description:

Seven Hills Foundation provides exceptional integrated clinical, educational and community-based supports to children and adults with disabilities and significant life challenges. Our professional staff is passionate about our work that helps people SEE the possibilities, BELIEVE in themselves, and ACHIEVE their dreams.

Don't Be Fooled

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